Find a movie star close to you.

How cool is to know that near your home or your work some famous actor is filming his next movie? Discover places used as filming locations in your city.

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Discover Clapperboarding and have fun

The easiest way to connect the movies you love with the place you live.

Find a movie star close to you

Movie Star

How cool is to know that near your home or your work some famous actor is filming his next movie?

So, with Clapperboarding you can search for movies being filmed near the places you walk daily.

Discover nice places in your city

Nice Places

You sometimes doesn't know, but your city has more nice places than you can imagine. Some places, having some special characteristic or feature, are chosen to be part of a movies or TV series because they have something special.

Let's discover these places with Clapperboarding, you can find places used in past movies as locations. Places with a historical meaning, or a nice city view, or an already famous spot.

Show how movie fan you are

Movie Fan

If you are a great movie fan and want to be updated with all the backstage events or just for curiosity, you can use Clapperboarding to know how the filmmaking process works.

Visiting the places when a movie is being filmed is the best way to be connected and learn more about. But how will I know where? With Clapperboarding you can discover the places that are scheduled to be used in the movies in the city you live or if you are planning some vacation or trip.